Swedish multi-disciplinary artist Jasmine Cederqvist is mainly working with landscape art, land art, painting, performance, photography and moving image. She sees herself as a traveller between artistic and scientific ways of perceiving the world. Looking simultaneously through two lenses as she holds a MSci in Biology at the University of Lund, Sweden.

Her recent works explore the patterns, networks and relationships that interconnect. Furthermore she investigates and challenges how we humans perceive what we call nature and how perspective and perception changes the way we perceive the us and the world around us. This she does from a multidisciplinary point of view, where art, science, deep ecology, philosophy and poetry is combined. 

She lives in the countryside out of Ljungbyhed in the southern part of Sweden, at the foot of the Söderåsen national park.
This landscape and nature, which she has been exploring since 2012 during her frequent hikes or from the air in a small airplane, inspires her artistic practice. The aerial perspective has influenced her view of landscape, perspective and perception as well as the anthropocene footprints.

Her studio is located in Ljungbyhed as well as in nature and above the landscape.